Nextech Glass offers multiple types of glass for your commercial space

Nextech Glass understands that your commercial space is as unique as you are. Therefore, we make it a point to have multiple offerings to meet your individual needs. Each type of glass offers it's own benefits. Additionally, our knowledgeable technicians are happy and able to help you further understand each offering and choose what will work perfectly for your commercial space.

Here are just a few types of glass and some of the benefits they offer:

Security Glass

We offer multiple types of glass for security purposes. In turn, security glass offers numerous benefits for your commercial space.  As the name entails, its most obvious benefit is the protection of your assets, employees, and guests. Not only is security glass more structurally sound than plain glass, but it also acts as a deterrent for burglars or other uninvited guests. With security glass, customers and employees feel how much you value them. This is because not only does it keep them safe, but it offers additional sound insulation, creating an overall more quiet and peaceful place to work or visit. Additionally, some industries require security glass to remain compliant with state or federal codes. Contact us to learn more about laminated, bullet-resistant, blast resistant, fire resistant, wire mesh, and other types of security glass.

Insulated and Thermal Glass

types of glass

Different types of glass have different benefits and applications.

Insulated and thermal glass consist of two panes of glass with sealed air or gas between them. The three main benefits of these types of glass are increased energy efficiency, increased comfort, and reduced energy costs. The sealed air or gas between the panes acts as insulation, creating a thermal barrier between the indoors and outdoors. This reduces heat transfer and provides better temperature control, creating an overall more comfortable space for occupants. Additionally, reduced heat transfer in turn reduces your energy bill, as less electricity or gas is needed to keep the space heated or cooled.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass provides numerous benefits to your business. It increases privacy between spaces, creating a comfortable working environment for your employees. It also offers UV-protection, protecting your furniture, flooring, and artwork over time from the fading effects of the sun. This is especially true for West or South-facing windows which receive a lot of direct sunlight. One of the largest benefits of tinted glass for your company is that it it helps you remain compliant with business codes for energy efficiency and glare control. Tinted glass keeps heat in during the cooler months, reducing your reliance on artificial cooling systems. Therefore, your carbon footprint is reduced through an increase in energy efficiency. It should go without saying that tinted glass is rather aesthetically pleasing, which draws the eye of potential new customers.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass undergoes a special type of heating process that provides durability. Additionally, this process ensures that the glass is harder to break but, in the event something does happen, it shatters into tiny, dull pieces as opposed to large shards. Therefore, the potential for injury is seriously lowered. In terms of aesthetics, tempered glass is easily customizable through different tints, coatings, and patterns to keep up with changing design trends, purposes, and personal taste. This durable glass is able to be used for many different applications such as doors, windows, table tops, glass railings, and even stairs.


Above is simply a brief mention of some of the benefits a few different types of glass have to offer, and this short list is by no means a full report of what Nextech Glass can facilitate. In addition to the idiosyncratic benefits mentioned above, new glass of any type adds to the property value, curb appeal, and overall feel of your organization. Set your mind at ease and enjoy beautiful glass with Nextech Glass.

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