Auto Glass Services

Insurance processing – Nextech will work directly with your insurance company to process your billing. Please realize that you will have to verify and submit the claim, but we’ll take care of the details as much as we can. Remember, you get to choose which glass repair/replacement company you want to work with, not your insurance company.

Mobile services (repairs/replacements at your location) – a majority of repairs and windshield replacements can be done on location. If you’re within our service area, Nextech does not charge extra for our mobile services.

Windshield repair – If you just have a chip or small crack, whenever possible it is always more economical to repair it than replace the windshield. Our high-tech vacuum and epoxy system won’t be outperformed. 

Windshield replacement – a cracked windshield can compromise the safety of your car. Make sure to get it fixed right away. Our windshield replacement system allows us to replace most windshields on location.

Safety system recalibration – if you have a newer vehicle with ADAS (safety systems) built in, repairing or replacing your windshield can disrupt the ability of your ADAS to work properly if it is not recalibrated. Nextech has the technology and training to recalibrate almost all ADAS systems. Please note that recalibration on certain ADAS systems require the vehicle to be services in our shop rather than on location.

Back glass and side window replacement – it’s not just windshields, Nextech can repair and replace side and back windows on vehicles.

Semis, RVs, Implements – Nextech can also repair and replace the big glass on RVS, semis, and even farm implements.

Classic vehicles – we’re car guys/gals, we absolutely love classic vehicles. Nextech specializes in getting the glass right on your classic.

Mirror replacement – Nextech can replace the mirrors on your vehicle.

In stock glass – it’s impossible to stock every windshield and side glass for every car, but we typically keep in stock the most common called for items. This allows us to get to most of our customers within 24 hours and often can offer same day autoglass repair.